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HNPP, My story: Mr. G, Wales, UK

Im 38 years old, I was diagnosed with HNPP in may 2012.

It all started in summer 2011 when i was weight training 5xdays per week, both my arms had turned numb from fingertips to elbows, but I didn’t worry I just assumed a trapped nerve from lifting heavy weights.

A few weeks later the dumbell started slipping out of my left hand, it didn’t worry me but I knew something was wrong, especially when I couldn’t turn on the shower at home or the taps.

Then i went to a cash point and I couldn`t pull the card out so my wife made me go to A and E. They took an xray then immediately sent me to Walton Hospital Liverpool telling me they were better equipped to deal with this type of thing as they put it!.

I went to Walton Hospital, Liverpool in November 2011 where I had nerve conduction studies and an EMG, the doctor then told me something was going on as I had trapped nerves in both arms and legs , by this point I had lost all my motor skills in my left hand. She told me she thought she knew what was wrong but didn`t want to scare me, that really helped lol!  She also told me my legs were affected to which I told her they were fine, to be told , sorry but they wont be.

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